All Vegan, All of the Time

What does “a fully vegan collection” mean?

At Call It Spring, all our shoes, bags and accessories are made without any animal derivatives. That means that all lines are 100% free from animal skins, feathers, fur, hair, wool, shells, silk, adhesives or components.

  • Our decision to offer become fully vegan is just one part of our journey to building a better tomorrow, together.
  • We wanted to make it easier for customers to shop for accessible, animal-friendly options, feeling good about their choices without compromising on style.
  • The use of leather and other animal-sourced materials was never a large part of our collection, so moving to vegan was a natural next step for us.

The first step was to conduct a thorough assessment of materials and formulations in our products. We identified what needed to be replaced, developed a vegan policy that outlined what was no longer permitted in our products, and received PETA-approved endorsement for reaching the highest global standards of animal-friendly production.

  • Call It Spring’s collection is vegan. Whether the people buying, selling, or wearing our products are vegan or not is up to them! Call It Spring staff are never asked or expected to eat, dress or live the vegan life. But if they want to dress it, we can help them take a step in that direction.
  • Call It Spring employees, spokespeople and models are under no pressure or obligation to live or promote a vegan lifestyle – we’re not judging anyone on their vegan or non-vegan choices. We’re here to help you achieve what you want and to provide an option for people who want to shop animal-friendly products.

Call It Spring is committed to going fully vegan. This means from our Spring 2019 collection onwards, all new shoes, handbags and accessories will be entirely animal-free.

We’re providing a vegan option for customers without compromising on style. We are often inspired by nature and so occasionally use animal prints as well as high quality faux-fur for trims or embellishments with all faux-furs labelled as such.

We are committed to providing on-trend, quality products that our customers know and love, with the added benefit of now also being fully vegan, without increasing prices.

  • Call It Spring’s shoes, handbags, and accessories are made of high quality polyurethane (PU), which is more durable and breathable than PVC and far less toxic to produce.
  • Call It Spring’s materials will become even more sustainable as we continue to research innovative processes and materials. Right now, the quality and life-span, aesthetics and breathability of our products mean conscious shoppers have an option to shop vegan.

What will happen to existing non-vegan Call It Spring shoes and accessories?

As the majority of Call It Spring products have been vegan and animal-friendly to date, the amount of non-vegan products currently in store is minimal. As standard with end-of-line products, previous collections will be on sale until they are sold or out-of-season.

  • We use high-quality synthetic leathers (polyurethane) and microsuedes in making our collections. Our designers are continually exploring the latest advancements in sustainable materials to incorporate, including algae foam, recycled plastics, and other innovative options.
  • As members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Call It Spring uses the Higg Index Product Tools to test the environmental performance of different designs. This information helps our designers and sourcing team make better choices to reduce the impact of our products.
  • Call It Spring has an ever-evolving sustainability policy and dedicated CSR team committed to advancing brand standards in everything from responsible sourcing; sustainable packaging; factory auditing; cause partnerships; and charting a roadmap for all of Call It Spring’ brand-purpose and sustainability endeavours and initiatives.
  • As part of our wider “Low Carbon Strategy”, Call It Spring is proud to be Certified Climate Neutral, meaning we offset carbon emissions from all business travel, and power our stores, offices and distribution centres with 100% renewable energy. We are members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)and incorporate the coalition’s Higg Index Tools to score environmental impacts in our supply chain.
  • We are PETA-Approved Vegan, demonstrating the highest standards of animal-friendly production.
  • We are committed to sustainable packaging and sourcing deforestation-free shoeboxes that have been certified by the FSC, as well as using vegetable based inks on our packaging. We also work with our sourcing partners to reduce any unnecessary packaging (ex. shoebox stuffing materials).
  • We are members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and incorporate the coalition’s Higg Index Tools to score environmental impacts in our supply chain.

Being PETA-Approved Vegan means all Call It Spring products are free from any animal materials and byproducts and no animals are used or harmed in the making of any of our products.


  • Call It Spring is owned by the parent company, The ALDO Group. While some brands under this group use leather, the Group is committed to sourcing leather responsibly and transparently. Call It Spring as a standalone brand has undertaken a move to ensure no animal materials or byproducts from its Spring 2019 collection, onwards.

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