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Recycled. Renewable. A really good choice.

These styles are made using vegan materials that are better for the planet, such as:

• Recycled jersey lining, made from yarn created from post-consumer (used) plastic bottles
• BLOOM™ algae foam insoles made from algae harvested from rivers and lakes
• Eco vegan leather that is solvent-free and more energy-efficient than other vegan leathers.

These 19 sustainable styles are the next step in Call It Spring’s path to creating a better tomorrow, together.

This collection of sustainable styles means that together, we’re improving our impact on the environment so that our community of customers can not only look great but feel great about their purchase.

In the world we live in, sustainable style shouldn’t be aspirational. Just like our customers, we want to reduce our impact on the planet so we’re working to make shoes and accessories that don’t compromise on price or style with the addition of eco-conscious materials.

Understanding that vegan does not necessarily mean sustainable, we have created these sustainably vegan styles to give our community the opportunity to feel good about their choices.

Recycled polyester: All vegan suedes and polyester linings in this collection are made with recycled, post-consumer plastic water bottles. By shopping our sustainably vegan collection, you’re helping us keep 295,629 plastic bottles out of landfills and our oceans. Additionally by changing all microsuedes to 26% recycled microsuede throughout our entire Fall/Winter 2019 offering , we’ve recycled 477,841 plastic water bottles (this number includes the Sustainable collection).

Renewable BLOOM™ algae foam: BLOOM™ foam insoles in these styles are made from a sustainable algae-based material that helps support biodiversity in our rivers and lakes, a sustainable alternative to nonrenewable petroleum-based foams. That means that by shopping this collection, you’re helping to clean and replenish over 1 million litres of water in rivers and lakes. For more information, visit

Waterborne PU & Sock: The eco vegan leather (PU) in these styles uses less energy to create than standard vegan leathers and is free of all chemical solvents. The collection is helping to save over 58 tonnes of CO2, or the equivalent of driving a car around the earth five times.

Our CIS Product Development team compared the Carbon Footprint of Regular Solvent Polyurethane to the Waterborne PU. The team was then able to calculate the numerical comparison through the use of a tool called The Covestro Polyurethane Study – to learn more about this you can check out this website en/company/strategy/attitude/sustainability

In order to become more sustainable, the Call It Spring Product Development Team identified a key lead to work closely with our Corporate Social Responsibility department. The Product Development team then identified core materials that we use in our styles and took the steps to source these materials in more sustainable options.

We will continue to advance our sustainability, responsibly sourcing more sustainable materials with the highest standards in place, working to make our full product offering even more sustainable.

Our sustainable styles will be clearly marked both in-store and online so you know which styles are helping the planet. Online, keep an eye out for our Sustainably Vegan Wink, a logo we’ve added to help you easily identify our sustainably vegan offering. In store, our sustainable styles have been regrouped both in-section and in our windows, and have been identified with a sustainably vegan hangtag.

Yes, we have an ever-evolving sustainability policy and dedicated sustainability team committed to advancing standards in everything from responsible sourcing, sustainable packaging, cause partnerships, and charting a roadmap for all of Call It Spring’s brand-purpose and sustainability endeavours and initiatives.

We’re also committed to sustainable packaging by sourcing deforestation-free shoeboxes that have been certified by the FSC, as well as using vegetable-based inks on our packaging. Additionally, we also work with our sourcing partners to reduce any unnecessary packaging (ex. shoebox stuffing materials).

These styles are made using sustainably vegan materials that are better for the planet, such as:

Hydro Vegan Leather
Through Waterborne PU dispersion technology, Hydro Vegan (link to vegan section) Leather not only saves the animals, but it saves water and energy too. We count that as a win-win-win.

Post-Consumer Waste
One person’s trash is another person’s shoes. Literally. This one repurposes materials destined for the trash (but don’t worry, we gave it a major glow-up).

Bloom™ Algae Foam
You heard it here first, algae is the new kale. The foam in our shoes is made from renewable Bloom™ Algae. Think of it as a green smoothie for your shoes.

Recycled Plastic Bottles
We’re repurposing recycled plastic bottles into new textiles, so you can feel okay about that time you forgot your reusable water bottle.

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