Our Kindest Collection. Ever.

Kind AF Styles for Her

When you’re wearing our new collection, every step you take is going in the right direction. These sustainable styles are a thank-you card to our home planet.

Kind AF Styles for Him

Do it for the style and the statement. These new sustainable shoes are better for you, your crew and the planet.

Look Good.
Feel Good.

We wanted our customers to be able to express their style and take pride in their choices without having to question if animals were used or harmed in the making of our products. Since 2019, we offer the same great styles, 100% vegan.

Our Sustainably Vegan Materials

Hydro Vegan Leather
Through Waterborne PU dispersion technology, Hydro Vegan Leather not only saves the animals, but it saves water and energy too. We count that as a win-win-win.

Post-Consumer Waste
One person’s trash is another person’s shoes. Literally. This one repurposes materials destined for the trash (but don’t worry, we gave it a major glow-up).

Bloom™ Algae Foam
You heard it here first, algae is the new kale. The foam in our shoes is made from renewable Bloom™ Algae. Think of it as a green smoothie for your shoes.

Recycled Plastic Bottles
We’re repurposing recycled plastic bottles into new textiles, so you can feel okay about that time you forgot your reusable water bottle.

This collection...

Is made from 96,383 recycled plastic bottles
Has helped clean 423,809 litres of water in rivers and lakes using Bloom™
Has saved 21,413,195 kgs of CO2 emissions
Has upcycled 7,000 kgs of garbage